Any user of the various brands of electronic cigarettes knows that batteries and cartridges are some of the accessories of the electronic cigarettes kit that may require replacement. The initial starter kits for brands such as V2 E-cigarettes, Halo e-cigarettes and the Apollo e-cigarettes come with either one or more batteries depending on the model of kit that is bought. The kits also come with different number of cartridges depending on the brand and model. However, one may have to replace his or her cartridge or battery for one reason or the other after a particular duration .The three brands therefore provide the customers with the chance to buy these items without having to buy the whole starter kit. Discount is usually given but this varies from brand to brand.

V2 e-cigarettes discount on batteries and cartridges

Users of V2 e-cigarettes can buy as many batteries as they want for their electronic cigarette kit. There exist three kinds of batteries; Shorty, Standard and Long.

The Shorty V2 e –cigarettes battery retails at $14.95 while the Standard battery goes for $19.95. The Long battery is priced at $22.95.For all the three batteries, a discount of 15% is usually given on the purchase.
The V2 cartridges come in 12 different varieties and available in five nicotine strengths. The five different strengths are the light, strong, zero, ultra light and full flavored. Customers are usually given a discount of about 10% when they buy or replace their cartridges.

Halo E-cigarettes discount on batteries and cartridges

The Halo cigs sell enough accessories on their official website and this allows customers to shop for batteries and cartridges online. They sell both the standard G6 model battery and the Triton battery to enable customers replace the ones the bought with the starter kits should the need arise. The batteries can usually be bought at a discount of 5 percent.

Customers are also able to replaces their cartridges or buy new ones all together when there is need. The cartridges come at a discount of 5 percent.

Apollo E-Cigarettes discount on batteries and cartridges

In order to be right in line with the competition in the electronic cigarettes market, Apollo strives to provide better value than the purchase of traditional cigarettes. The Apollo cartridges cost about $13.50 for a pack of five. This price is higher compared to the price of cartridges of other brands. However the fact that the Apollo cartridges are larger than those associated with the Halo e-cigarettes and the V2 e-cigarettes makes it a fantastic offer. Apollo users can also buy batteries from the Apollo website to replace their initial batteries that came with the starter kit. The users are given a discount of about 10 % on the purchase.

Due to the stiff competition that exists in the electronic cigarettes market, Apollo, Halo and V2 e-cigarettes usually allow their customers to get battery and cartridge replacement at a discount. The average discount on these two items given to Apollo users is 10%.Halo gives 5% while the V2 e-cigarettes users are given 15% discount. V2 e-cigarettes therefore offer the highest percentage discount on cartridges and batteries.

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An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device that mimics cigarette smoking by heating up a liquid to produce vapor. Most often, the design looks like a real cigarette. There is a feature called atomizer that is used as a heating element to vaporize the liquid. Generally, the atomizer is located inside the cartridge where the liquid is enclosed and doubles where the user inhales at the mouthpiece. Reputable e-cigs contain quality ingredients that are FDA approved and are safer than conventional smoking. According to the studies, they are similar to nicotine gum. Compared to a tobacco cigarette, no trace of carcinogens can be found in vapor. Since there are plenty of ecigs in the market, reviewers are making a list of top manufactures. These are the v2-cigs & premium vapes & halo cigs. To know if the particular brand is right for you, see below for information.

Top one: V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs are debatably the best electronic cigarette brand. With millions of satisfied customers, they have been highly praised by ex-smokers that have quit successfully. They pride themselves in having the best design. V2 Cigs have presented different e cig items to match the unique preferences of the people. They have a highly skilled team of engineers and designers developing lines e cigarette products. They offer five starter kits to match the different needs of the consumers. The options are either refill e-liquid bottles or flavored cartridges. Its battery line presents the longest life cycles and respectable performance. As for the warranty, it offers a Lifetime Warranty. Although cartridges, disposables and e-liquids come with exceptions, all that matters are the batteries. The warranty is only valid if you purchase from their official website. In conclusion, V2 Cigs has created something that is hard to beat. A first time user would never disappoint V2 electronic cigarettes and experts highly suggest it to anyone who has not tried them.

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Top two: Premium Vapes

One of the more prominent e-cigarette brands that currently occupy the marketplace is the Premium Vapes. Even though it clearly marketed a younger crowd, the mixture of variety, quality and affordability has lifted the company above from its competition. Even though some may have a preference of traditional cigarettes, the approach of Premium Vapes is actually more engaging and has a marketing aspect that will help propel the company. With traditional two-piece flavor atomizer and cartridge, the Premium Vapes design is straight forward, making it easy to construct and re-use time. What makes the Premium Vapes noticeable is its variety of colors. As of the vapor quality, you will get the sensation, feel and taste of the genuine tobacco. All starter kits come with 2 rechargeable batteries. The charging is six hours depending on its use. If you are a heavy user, expect 5 continuous hours of vaping before you charge the device. Premium Vapes has 25 different flavors, which becomes the most extensive varieties of all e-cig companies. When you order, the prices are listed straight from the manufacturer. Sometimes, they vary depending on the retailer and the discounts or coupons. All starter kits come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Top three: Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs are one of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes. Their sleek appearance, solid marketing campaign and variety of flavors have garnered plenty of attention. The most unique aspect is their 2 different versions. The first version is the typical e-cig shapes called the G6, while the others and is called the Triton Tank, which has a larger e-cig that delivers a long lasting flavor. Essentially, the 2 different versions of Halo Cigs mean getting a wide variety of choices, considering the numerous starter kits that have different colors. In terms of appearance, the G6 version resembles the traditional tobacco. However, there are a countless of color combinations that can be chosen including blue, white, black and so forth. The Triton Tank version is more robust and has either a large caliber bullet or a small canister with metal jacket full casing. When it comes to vapor quality, Halo Cigs were consistently good and provided solid results for all testers. There are two batteries for the Halo Cigs: short manual version and the long automatic. The flavor choices are quite impressive, offering plenty of choices for vapers. The flavors are quite good so you can enjoy the full aspects of the taste. If you are seeking a great value at a reasonable price, its Starter Kits is in moderate range. As for the vaping and flavor quality, the Triton Tank version is very impressive as it has a packed of more flavor liquids for longer lasting results.

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As you see the comprehensive reviews of the three leading manufacturers of the electronic cigarettes industry, you will come to realize that each of them has different strong features. Your determinant factor should be based on your personal preference and what you like best in the feature. Above all, these three do have quality taste and perform well.

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2014.01.10 ecigologist 003 Blu Cigs Costs And Blu Cigs Coupon Codes For You

Millions of people had already switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. But many of them are still smoking even though they know that smoking contains thousands of chemicals, 60 of them are cancerous carcinogens, which are harmful for their health. There are reasons why people are sticking to traditional cigarettes. Some say that they are not techy enough to use E-cigarettes (the truth is that all popular brands like Blu cigs made sure that using your E-cigs is as easy as charging your mobile phones), some say that E-cigarettes just doesnt feel and taste the same (Blu cigs, V2 cigs and other top brands have flavors and vapor strength that really replicates traditional cigarette brands) and probably the most use excuse not to use E-cigarettes is that making the switch to e-cigs is expensive. But are they?

The truth is that e-cigs lets you save 50% or more compare to traditional cigarettes. Those who switch experience significant long-term savings with electronic cigarettes that amounts for over a thousand dollar each year. Still dont believe us? Then let’s take a look at the real costs of E-cigarettes, Blu cigs in particular and answer the question regarding Ecigs prices.

Closer look into your expenses
A pack of traditional cigarettes can cost you anywhere between $5 and $15 depending on what country you reside in or what state as they are different smoking laws and taxes for each places. An average smoker, smokes half a pack per day that means you’ll spend you’ll spend $155 to $230 per month for traditional cigarettes. If you switch to blu electronic cigarettes, you’ll spend $69.95-$89.95 for a Blu starter kit. “Their best selling kit ($69.95) comes with a USB charger, a car charger and a 5 pack of flavor cartridges , and the company just released a new Starter Pack for $34.99 which is a very affordable price”. – PCMag

Yes, the starting price may be high but unlike traditional cigarettes which are disposables, you can use Blu e-cigs many times. All you need is to recharge the batteries and buy refill flavor cartridges once you run out of it. Now let’s say that you chose the Premium100 Starter Kit, their highest priced starter kit, which sells at $89.95. For a half pack per day smoker, you would need to buy two more packs of our flavor cartridges to equal what you would spend during a month on traditional cigarettes (that’s a total of 15 flavor cartridges and each cartridges is equal to 1 pack of traditional cigarettes). Two flavor cartridges cost around $22. So, in the first month, you’d spend about $111.95 for your blu e-cigs. You still have a savings of around $50. The subsequent months will even boast higher savings as you dont need to buy a starter kit anymore. You only need to buy the refill cartridges which is less than $50 a month. That’s a saving of $100 and more in just one month. It’s true then, that in a year, you can save a thousand of dollar or more with E-cigarettes.

Coupons and discounts
And Blu cigs doesnt stop there. Blu cigs love their customers and always offer coupons and discounts for everybody. You can see many blu cigs coupons around the internet and you can use them everytime you purchase at Blu cigs to buy Blu cigs products in a more affordable price. And lucky you as we already search the internet and screen it to give you only the best Blu cigs coupons around. Check them out here and make sure you use them today.

Blu cigs coupon codes

Save 5% Off All Starter Kits from Blu Cigs using the code ECIGS365
Get $5 Off Resolution Solution Kit + Earn 350 Points using the code ECIGS365
20% Cartridges + Free Shipping if you buy 4 packs of cartridges
10% Cartridges + Free Shipping if you buy 2 packs of cartridges
Free shipping on purchases above $100

There’s no question that Blu ecigs is a more affordable and healthier choice than smoking. After you make the switch, the only question will be what you’re going to spend all that extra money on. So what are you waiting for? Switch now.

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